Terms & Conditions


Tuition consists of one lesson a week over a period of four weeks. (A session block). ADVANCE payment is required for each session block of four lessons. Your payment must be made on the first week of each session block.

After the initial four week session block, your payment can be made by a 4 weekly standing order. This is the preferred method of payment. We provide all payment forms but it is the fee payer’s responsibility to complete and forward forms to their bank or building society.

Tuition and payments are based on forty four weeks of lessons (11 session blocks) spread over the year. Unless previously agreed, there is no tuition over the Christmas and Summer holiday periods. 11 paid session blocks attract a further three free lessons to be taken at any time.

Alternative arrangements for tuition payment are available upon request.

The fee payer must ensure that payments are made when due. Late payments will incur an administration charge. Failure to pay will automatically cancel any further tuition. It is company policy to take legal action to recover all unpaid fees and charges plus all associated legal charges.


A paying student or the person responsible for payments, can withdraw from lessons by giving notice by the third week of the current session block. Tuition termination begins at the beginning of the next session block.

Notice in writing must be sent, verbal notifications CANNOT be accepted.

Remember, learning an instrument is a long term experience – none of our courses last for only four weeks!


The school cannot credit lessons cancelled by students: this is the policy of Yamaha Music Schools and applies to group and individual lessons.

Occasionally, teachers may have to cancel a lesson. In this instance, a full refund will be given.

Occasionally lessons maybe covered by another tutor. This does not affect the quality or direction of lessons.

Occasionally, when cover cannot be found we may be able to offer another tuition time slot for that one week. If the time offered is not convenient then a full refund for that lesson will be given.

It is our policy that no class will have any fewer than 4 students. Should this happen we will try to merge classes with students at the same level. This may result in the lesson’s date or time being changed. In these circumstances several weeks notice will be given.


Lessons run right the way throughout the year, including school and bank holidays, with the exception of the six weeks Summer break and Christmas.


Unacceptable and disruptive behaviour will be subject to a referral process and if problems persist, the student will be asked to leave.


To make tuition effective Yamaha Music Schools expect a minimum level of home practice. Homework will be set each for each lesson. Students consistently failing to complete homework tasks will not receive any concessions and may be unable to participate in future tuition.

Due the numerical and pattern based nature of musical instruments, students with learning difficulties may struggle to achieve results. It is very important to notify the school of such difficulties and extra help will be provided where possible.


All applications for tuition are responded to, and every effort is made to provide immediate tuition. However, where this may not be possible, names are added to our waiting list until a class becomes available. All students are invited to attend a free taster lesson before enrolling for lessons.


The Yamaha Music School acknowledges its responsibility for the supervision of minor children during lessons and that their parent or guardian is responsible at all other times.


Students, parents or guardians are subject to all terms and conditions laid down by the Yamaha Music School.
The Yamaha Music School reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions.

English Law applies to these terms and conditions.